(Can’t wait to see the mangled Forever 21 knock offs

Love Basketball

This last weekend of summer has been filled with far too much late night TV (Say Yes to the Dress and True Life: I’m a Compulsive Shopper were my picks, the made for TV movie Love Basketball, Remember the Titans, and Real World: New Orleans were Devon’s picks) and far too little blogging. I apologize! Hopefully, regular blogging will continue once school starts up again. (On Wednesday. Wednesday. That is so unbelievably soon.) Until more frequent blogging resumes, I have another massive 1:1 replica handbags blog post for you: replica louis vuitton bags from china I’ve diligently recorded my thoughts, comments and potentially over the top praise and compiled them into a laughably long list to share with you. I present you with the Read Along Guide to Elle’s September 2010 Issue: Part 2, to be read in conjunction with page 229 page 305. So grab your copy of Elle and read along with me; if you don’t have your own issue, hopefully my notes will fill you in on the best of what the magazine has to offer! For the first installment in this series, read Part 1 here. Page 229: Oh, Essie. It’s really quite unfair for you to place ads like this every magazine, especially when you know that I am deeply in love with your collection. I want it! Page 230: A quote from Opening Ceremony founder Humberto Leon on the success of his store:

So, we’re always trying to figure out, how do you make that suburban kid really freak out?

This is why I need to shop at Opening Ceremony. Leon hit the nail on the head. Suburban kids like myself truly would freak out in his store. So many amazing things, so little time Page 234: Let me explain why I want to have brunch with Julie de Libran, women’s design director Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags of Louis Vuitton

I love how she translates her inspiration (the concept of wanderlust) into such beautiful clothing. It’s not necessarily the first thing I think of when I see LV’s clothing, but once she explains it, I totally understand. It just makes sense.

Her four year old son is named Balthazar. He wears a pirate eye patch.

The woman she designs for is “always dressed and has somewhere to go.” (Such is my fashion philosophy. Always get dressed up!)

Page 240: “The Facebook group ‘Leggings are NOT Pants’ boasts 385,658 likes.” Make the number 385,659! Page 240: Angela Lindvall is attempting to convince me of “the return of the pant.” I’m not talking about jeans, but actual pants. I’m not buying it; I don’t even know where or how to wear pants. No matter what the occasion, I will always cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk , always choose skirts and dresses over pants. Page 251: Buongiorno, Donatella! I’d like one of those gorgeous Versace dresses featured on page 251 of Elle, thank you very much! Page 252: Elle calls the look Neo Prep. replica designer handbags I just call it fabulous. I like the green watch by May 28th and the purple croc loafer by Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquire. Page 254: This spread features glitzy, futuristic, ’80s inspired pieces, but I’m not feeling it at all. Can the fashion world please stop resurrecting the 1980s? Enough is enough! high quality replica handbags china Page 258 Page 260: The “Baroque Beauty” and “Sacred Heart” spreads are full of pieces from McQueen’s final collection. I thought his final collection was beautiful I even wrote a review of it for my journalism class, which I should get around to posting here sometime soon and I’m happy to see it featured so prominently. (And I want those shoes!) Page 264: I’m not quite sure how I feel about this major 1970s revival. The runway interpretations are beautiful, especially at Chlo, but I feel like this trend could go horribly wrong in real life. What do you think? Page 267: I am such a sucker for advertising. Beyond all reason, I now want a $4000. Page 270: These shoes are beyond cool. I have no clue where you would ever wear such creations, but they are infinitely fun. (Can’t wait to see the mangled Forever 21 knock offs.) Page 276: Yay dolabuy.su , another lace up bootie spread! Since I featured them on my blog earlier this month, I’ve seen them everywhere. I love when I catch trends early on. by Matthew Campbell Laurenza. Imagine wearing a stack of these bangles with black denim cheap replica handbags , a tuxedo jacket, and a silk blouse. (Swoon!) Page 286: Jewelery designer Samantha Wills must investigate! Page 287: Talbot’s has a leopard print coat this season. I borrowed a Talbot’s zebra print coat from my mom’s closet last year and it was such a conversation piece. I loved it! Page 292: I didn’t know Tiffany’s had a Leather Goods line, but I’m seriously dying over this $4,500. I wish I could buy one for my Grandma Rose; after she passed away, I found similar style tote in the attic that was once hers. I used it daily and was so sad when the straps broke. The Tiffany’s tote reminds me of her! Page 293: Laura Mercier’s “What Is Flawless?” campaign is very cool! Read more about it here. Page 294: Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, director of fashion at Lincoln Center, is 6’1″ and wears sky high heels. What a great role model! Confident women like her inspire me to wear heels even when I worry about towering over everyone else in the room. Page 299: I love that Elle mentioned that Louis Boston moved to a new location. Elle just reminded me that Pierre Hardy is doing a collaboration with The Gap and just look at those shoes! Perhaps a little PH will make it into my closet after all Page 305: Editor Joann Pailey says she’s looking forward to mixing it up this season: varsity jackets with acid wash jeans, cargos with leopard print. I hope to work on incorporating more of this philosophy into my wardrobe! My style can sometimes be so unabashedly girly; hopefully, the concept of mixing styles will help me get outside my box a little bit. All images are produced by Elle and scanned by me. Feel free to use my scans, but please, remember to link back to where you found them! If you’ve read this far, thank you! Stay tuned for parts 3 5, coming to a computer near you soon. xoxo Hannah

8 Little Luxuries That Go a Long Way via WisebreadIt’s not always easy being thrifty. For me, it means not indulging my purse obsession as much as I’d like, forgoing the pricey bottles of wine, and decorating my house with thrift store finds. I usually don’t mind, but sometimes, a little encouragement is in order

The Better Business Bureau’s 100th anniversary [infographic]Share Be the first in your friends to like it Posted about 9 hours ago by Annie Colbert to Holy Kaw! 2 Via BBB. Get all your data visualized. Share

Thousands of Rich Hipsters Convene At The 2011 Burning Man Festival via Gawker and Palm Beach PostAnd when the A/C does break, the rich people sweat just like the poor people sweat. The sun treats everyone the same. This is one of the lessons you learn out there on the desert, when you not mastering leadership and contemplating how creativity can bourguignon high quality replica handbags china beef up your bottom line. Rumors I Heard About Anna Wintour By Lisa Hanawalton The Hair replica louis vuitton bags Pin

10 Luxury Dog Gift IdeasYes, all of fake designer bags these ridiculous bowwow baubles are real. And yes, all of these canine luxuries will be used as fodder to incite the coming revolution. Dogs are not fashion accessories, and if you’re decking Fido out in frivolous finery, then you are dumb. Also: you’re either rich or bellybutton deep in credit card debt. But mostly dumb. Read more

An Unannounced Visit Into The OVERCROWDED Minds of aaa replica designer handbags HoardersJust about everyone has seen the various reality shows documenting people’s problems with hoarding. Or maybe you just know someone who has a ton Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags of junk laying around the house and you’re worried that they’re heading for an appearance on one of those shows

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